Safety Tips

Student Safety Tips:

  • Safety at school should be your number one priority.

  • Report all crimes and/or activity and suspicious behavior to school staff and school police.

  • Just say NO to drugs, alcoholic beverages, and prescription drugs.

  • If you see or receive information about a gun or ANY weapon on school campus, get to safety and alert staff staff and the School Resource Officer (Police) immediately. 


If You Are Targeted in a Crime:

  • If someone tries to grab you, make a scene. Scream; kick fight off your attacker.  Depending on the situation, do what you feel is right to get away, and flee for safety.

  • If someone demands your wallet, purse, phone, or electronic device it’s always best and safer to surrender those items and not risk your personal safety for retain.

  • Seek help from ANYONE of our Safe Routes to School Partners in the community i.e., businesses, San Bernardino County Fire Department, Boys and Girls Challengers Club, Young Visionaries, United Nation of Consciousness or even a bystander as quickly as you can and call 9-1-1.  

Street Smart Safety:

  • Students know your routes to and from school.

  • If a person(s) or a group causes you to feel uncomfortable along your route to and from school, cross the street, walk in another direction, or ask other people you trust to walk with you. ALWAYS tell your parents, staff, and school police about challenges that make you feel uncomfortable on your route.

  • Make eye contact with people around you carry yourself with confidence and stay alert.


While Driving:

  • Always look inside before entering the vehicle.

  • Lock your roll your windows up and lock when securing your vehicle.

  • Never pick up hitchhikers or strangers.

  • If a stranger approach you while seated in your vehicle keep windows up/door locked and the engine running.

  • Park in well illuminated areas at night.

  • Consider a good vehicle alarm.

  • If you have a vehicle alarm system, use it whenever you leave your car. Even the best system won’t protect your vehicle if you don’t use it.

  • Remember, if necessary; honk your horn to attract attention.

  • Keep all valuables in your trunk out of sight.

  • Remember, Lock it, Hide it, Keep it!


While Walking:

  • Plan your route ahead of time, and never walk alone at night.

  • Arrange to walk with a friend or your dog.

  • Use well illuminated streets and pathways. AVOID dark alleys.

  • When walking, act calm, confident, and know where you are at all times.

  • Trust your instincts.  If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave.

  • Remain ALERT, look over your shoulder occasionally. AVOID being preoccupied by phone, music etc.

  • NEVER ask for or accept rides from strangers.

  • Avoid carrying or displaying a large amount of money.

  • Avoid wearing or displaying valuables in public.

  • If you must carry a purse, hold it close to your body.  Do not dangle it.

  • DO NOT resist an armed or unarmed robber.

  • Always hand over whatever is demanded.  Your life is worth more than valuables.


​For more information about safety tips, contact District Police at (909) 388-6030.


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