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– Classes in this section will help you become oriented to the various district programs, departments and resources.

OR101 - GATE/
Magnet Elementary School Program Overview
Learn about the numerous educational options available at SBCUSD for elementary students. Information will be provided on our GATE Programs, Magnet Programs (including Multilingual Programs). You will also be provided with the procedures for enrolling your children in these programs, and the corresponding timelines.

OR102 - Middle School Magnet Programs Overview
Learn about the numerous educational options available in our district for middle school students. Information will be provided on our Magnet Programs (Including GATE and Bilingual Programs). You will also be provided with the procedures for enrolling your children in these programs, and the corresponding timelines.

OR103 - Career Pathway High School Programs Overview
Learn about the numerous career pathway educational options available in our district for high school students. Information will be provided on the specialized programs at our different high schools. You will also be provided with the procedures for enrolling your children in these courses and the timelines for compliance.

- Creating an SBCUSD AERIES Parent Portal
Use the Aeries portal system to support your child on their educational journey. The Aeries- Parent Portal provides key benefits: safe access to grades, assignments, attendance and a two-way communication between parent and teacher. In this session, you will create your Aeries account and learn how to navigate the system and use it for your child's academic advantage.

- SBCUSD Chromebook Device Overview
A refresher on the basics of the SBCUSD issued Chromebook. This informative session is designed to get you started using the district Chromebook storage system and its applications: Drive Docs, Slides and Spreadsheets to assist you with your child's learning at SBCUSD.

- SBCUSD Special Education Department
The Special Education Department is designed to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with an environment that allows them to be educated effectively. Learn about IEP's, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), Behavior Strategies, Transition Services from Birth to Adulthood, Mental Health Services and some resources available for your home.

 SBCUSD Footsteps2Brilliance Reading Makes Hope Happen
Attend this FREE 1 hour session and to learn how you can prepare your child for kindergarten and success in school by using the Footsteps2Brilliance app 15 minutes each day with your child (0 – 3rd grade). To learn more go to:

OR108 - SBCUSD Footsteps2Brilliance Literacy Ambassador Training
At this FREE 1 hour session, you will learn how you can help families prepare their children for kindergarten and success in school. Each attendee is provided with a FREE Literacy Ambassador account on Footsteps2Brilliance and given easy-to-share information and tools to help share this tool with friends and family.

NAVIGATION – Classes in this section will help you to navigate through the various resources in the community so you can find what you need.

- Resources Available in San Bernardino County
Learn about the SBCUSD Family University Resource Web Page (SBCUSD This resource will provide you with the numerous options available in our county. You can use this information to help your friends, family and neighbors improve their quality of life. The ultimate goal is for all of us to contribute to creating a healthy and thriving community for all. Together we can do it!

NAV102 - Level 1:
Preparing for the University - I Want My Child To Go to College!
Gather tips on what real people have done to help get their kids on the track to college. In this session you will gain an understanding of the requirements for college and university admittance, including the A-G requirements for California UC and CSU universities. You will walk away with a monitoring sheet that will help support your family stay on track for college!

NAV102 - Level 2: Preparing for the University - Financial Aid & Scholarships
Understand the different kinds of colleges and universities and which colleges would be the best fit for your children and their college and career goals. In addition, you'll learn about financial aid and how to evaluate real financial aid offers.

NAV102 - Level 3:
Preparing for the University - College & University Application Process
Learn about how to apply to college and get more money for your children’s education, from writing essays and submitting transcripts to finding scholarships and completing applications.

NAV 103 - Nutrition Classes: Health, Energy & Vitality
Learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. In these fun and interactive sessions, you will learn how to help your family by preparing and eating healthier meals on a budget. You will also try new recipes and learn to become more physically active.

NAV 104 - Adult English Classes
English as a Second Language (ESL) is for students who want to learn English language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. ESL classes offer different language levels according to students' needs. Program Placement Testing: ESL testing is at the Inland Career Education Center.

NAV 104 (a) - CBET Community Based English Tutoring Program
CBET An English language program for adults with the goal of raising the English level of the entire community. Learn how to help your child with reading, writing, listening, speaking, study skills, and homework using effective parenting techniques.

NAV 105 -
Step-by-Step Dream Act Application Process
Dream Act support is designed to provide step by step assistance in filling out your online applications. You are guaranteed to get the assistance and the information needed to successfully apply for this state financial aid program that is focused on getting our dreamer students to college.

NAV 106 - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Presentations
Interactive Presentations with high-impact videos that will examine connections, legal ramifications, case studies, prevention and interventions for topics like: Sexting: Criminal Teen Trend: Teen Dating Abuse; Internet Cries and Predators, Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery; Gunfire in the Hallway; Cyberbullying; Latest Trends Among the Young; Active "Murderer" Events and How to React to Them.

NAV 106 (a) - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Presentations, Sexting: Criminal Teen Trending
A multimedia presentation on the dangers and consequences of sexting. This teenage phenomenon has become the biggest behavioral problem for many administrators around the country, and is creating firestorms of controversy and disruption on many campuses. This interactive presentation examines every aspect of the problem: its connection with cyberbullying, legal ramifications, case studies from around the nation, prevention and intervention strategies for parents and school administrators, as well as the emotional toll that sexting takes on all involved. High-impact videos are included.

NAV 106 (b) - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Presentations, Teen Dating Abuse
This development in the world of young love is a frightening one, and one that promises to grow ever larger as the economy deteriorates. Violence between juveniles who are intimate has become a major issue, and continues to fester. This presentation explores the sources of dating abuse in financial and psychological factors, and lays bare for the viewer the misery and after-effects of violence experienced from a loved one. Studies used in the presentation reveal how parents refuse to discuss the issue with their children, and how a cycle of violence is set up in homes where spousal abuse is practiced. Videos, charts, and extensive Q-&-A.

NAV 106 (c) - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Presentations, Internet Crimes and Predators
Internet is the perfect tool for pedophiles and predators, and this presentation exposes how child sex abusers use the Internet to meet, groom, desensitize and abuse children in our neighborhoods. Every conceivable aspect of the problem is examined: how predators exploit electronic media to hunt and victimize youngsters, what pedophiles do to maximize their criminal efforts, how parents can protect their children from Internet traps, how predators pursue a strategy of “affection replacement” to captivate juveniles, and what law enforcement is doing to thwart them. At 40 to 45 minutes, this presentation is packed with information and emotion.

NAV 106 (d) - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Presentations, Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery
Very few people know that more and more of our children are being lured off school campuses to live a life of sexual slavery in remote parts of the world. Yet such is the case: every day, teenagers are seduced into prostitution and indentured servitude, even in the most affluent sections of our country. What can school people do to help stem the rising tide of child abductions and inducements occurring on their campuses, many times without any adult knowing about it? This eye-opening and sometimes shocking presentation will provide answers. Videos help depict the hellish world of exploitation and enslavement too many of our young people are enduring.

NAV 106 (e) - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Presentations, Gunfire in the Hallway
Over 100,000 guns go to school illegally every day in America, in backpacks and pockets and car trunks. In many communities, there are more gun outlets than McDonald’s restaurants. Many kids think they're not “dressed to impress” unless they’re packing heat. Do you know the “arming habits” of each segment of your student population? Do you know the difference between urban and rural tastes in on-campus weaponry, and the tactics kids use to smuggle guns into the classroom? This fact-laden presentation tackles the most alarming student practice imaginable, and does so with fast-moving slides, videos and many disturbing examples of student gun violence. Tools for dealing with the threat are examined in this highly interactive presentation.

NAV 106 (f) - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Presentations, Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is probably the hottest issue on school campuses today is the topic of cyberbullying. Startling numbers of young people are tormenting one another on social networking sites and across the Internet, and the scars being left on young psyches are deep and often ineradicable. This presentation, designed for middle school student audiences, not only looks closely at the problem of electronic bullying, but talks to kids about how they can tackle the crisis themselves. Bullying itself is defined and described, together with solid, eye-opening facts on how predators target juveniles on the Internet. Video-filled, interactive and kid-oriented, this is a presentation that may just help save young lives.

NAV 106 (g) -
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Presentations, Latest Trends Among the Young
Latest Trends Among the Young is the one presentation adults need to see most. There are thousands of ways young people today can get into trouble, and they seem to be taking advantage of all of them. Plus, those methods of self-endangerment seem to change daily. In this hour-long PowerPoint slideshow, you will gain a bird’s eye view of the world of juvenile mischief and mayhem in the 21st century: everything from social media misdoings, to the latest fads in self-intoxication, to how adolescents are taking the world’s oldest profession on school campuses, to how gangs and gang tactics are morphing before our very eyes. Unless you are on the front lines of law enforcement, you will be shocked and surprised by what the little ones are up to – often right under the noses of their parents and teachers.

NAV 106 (h) - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Presentations, Active “Murderer” Events, and How to React to Them
It seems that almost every day brings news of a “lone wolf” shooter, or a handful of well-armed attackers, victimizing innocent people as they go about their lives in schools, office buildings, restaurants and sporting events. This presentation tackles the subject in a concise and practical manner – defining the topic, identifying the problem, outlining the latest and best thinking on how to respond to these attacks, and giving sound background information on every aspect of the issue. The emphasis throughout is on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, and how to survive the most frightening scenarios imaginable. Graphic data is provided, though not graphic images.

NAV 107 - Conversation con Cafecito Support Group
This class aims to bring together English speakers who need someone to practice Spanish with and Spanish speakers who needs someone to practice English. It is open to community and District staff. They are fun classes in which each person gets to practice their target language with a native speaker while building community relationships.

NAV 108 - Basic Math Course
In this Basic Mathematics course you will obtain the knowledge that will facilitate the mastery of basic mathematics and give you tools to contribute to the academic success of your children.

NAV 109 - HEAL Nutrition Conference
The Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) nutrition conference will empower adults to: Increase awareness and knowledge of healthy eating and physical activity recommendations. Build self-confidence and skills to apply health and wellness daily. Strengthen social support for healthy behaviors from family, friends, and neighbors. Advocate for changes that make healthy eating and physical activity opportunities more accessible in their community. Design delicious and nutritious meal plans. San Bernardino County Department of Public Health Nutrition Program in partnership with San Bernardino County Superintendents of Schools is comprised of a team of professional Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) and Health Education Specialists (HES) that operates as an integral component of the Department of Public Health to deliver the most current and accurate nutrition and health information to county residents.

LEADERSHIP – Classes in this section will help develop your leadership capacity.

LDR 102 - Parent Project Classes - Dealing with Difficult Children and Teens
The Parent Project is a parenting skills program designed for parents with strong-willed or out-of-control children.  “At the Parent Project®, we believe that parents are the answer. In our 28 years, we have worked with over ½ million parents raising difficult or out-of-control children. Our programs are based on their experiences and successes. No matter how difficult the situation may be, we can help. "Little miracles". It's what we do!”

LDR 103 - Family Leadership Institute - Learn to lead your family, school, and community!
“The Family Leadership Institute (FLI) is a multifaceted educational curriculum focused on providing families with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to help their children succeed in school and in life. The Family Leadership Institute has been recognized by the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) Department of Education as one of the three “Best Practices” parent programs in the country.”

LDR 103(a) -
Family Leadership Institute Train of Trainer (TOT) - Learn to lead your family, school, and community!
Are you interested in Connecting, Supporting, and Developing Leadership with Parents? Come and join us in creating a “Legacy” in your school! The Family Leadership Institute (FLI) has proudly graduated over 900 parents that are already transforming their schools. A recent research of the FLI shows that Parents do make a significant difference in Academic Achievement and other important areas like Behavior Modification and Attendance. We look forward to you joining us. We guarantee you will be highly engaged, broaden your knowledge about keeping families healthy and also benefit from personal empowerment.

LDR 103 (b) -
Family Leadership Institute Parent to Parent (P2P) - Learn to Lead your Family, School, and Community!
The Family Leadership Parent-to-Parent workshop will give you strategies for better communication and relationship with your children, school, and community as well as creating a vision for your family's success.

LDR 104 (a) -
Financial Literacy- All About Interest
Are you willing to give something up now in order to live better later? Now is the best time for saving and investing. In this introductory course, you will learn about investment terms, options, and strategies. If your ready to do some self-examination and plan for when funds may be needed at key points in the future, then this course is for you.

LDR 104 (b) -
Financial Literacy- Managing Your Money & Budgeting
Come learn the basics of money management. Learn how to set a family budget and distinguish between income and net worth. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to identify key terms such as disposable income, family budget, variable expense, fixed expense, occasional expense, and net worth.

LDR 104 (c) -
Financial Literacy- Debt Management
Are you ready to journey into a course that will help you get out of debt? Then, come and learn where to get professional support and the do's and don'ts when dealing with creditors.

LDR 104 (d) -
Financial Literacy- Decision Making
How many times have you made a choice you later regretted? We will all need to make choices continually but why not become skilled at identifying the problem(s) in question, listing the alternatives that might be available, weighing the criteria to be used in evaluating the possible alternatives, and use those criteria to make the best decision. Participants will learn how to make better choices with this "Five-Step Decision-Making Process."

LDR 104 (e) -
Financial Literacy- Human Capital
Why do some people earn more income than others? This interactive workshop explores that question. Come and learn the importance of investing in one's own human capital as a way of increasing your income.

LDR 104 (f) -
Financial Literacy- Scams & Schemes
While most credit transactions are completely legal, there are some that are not. With technology on the rise, now is the time to learn about scams and schemes, including identity theft, loan scams, and credit-repair loans. You will also learn about legal but high-cost credit practices, such as payday loans and rent-to-own plans.

LDR 105 -
Financial Success
Come learn the recipe for "Financial Success." You will take with you the 5 keys to Achieve Financial Stability: Set a Budget, Have an Emergency Fund, Pay your Bills on Time, Create a Budget and How to live Debt FREE.

LDR 106 -
24/7 Dad Program
Calling all Fathers and Male caregivers to the adventure of parenting!!! A FREE parenting class just for DADS! Come join us in an environment where Dads can feel welcome and safe! Where Dads can share, grow and learn to become better Dads with other men. In this twelve (12) week course, you'll learn the five basic characteristics to becoming a "great" Dad, which are: Self-Awareness, Self-Care, Fathering Skills, Parenting Skills, Relationship Skills. So, register TODAY while seats are available!

LDR 107 (a) -
Bully Proof - Bully, Bullied, or Bystander: Which one is your child?
For bullying to happen in school, it actually takes three types of people, the bully, the bullied, and the bystander. Parents will learn about the dynamics of bullying while becoming familiar with the roles that all students play in the process. Discussions about the harmful impacts of bullying will follow at home as parents are able to identify the roles played by their own children.

LDR 107 (b) -
Bully Proof - The Makings of a Bully
Children who bully are motivated by a variety of factors, which include peer pressure, power, and lack of empathy. Parents will come to understand how the home environment can foster a climate of bullying and aggression, and learn ways to model appropriate conflict resolution and leadership strategies.

LDR 107 (c) -
Bully Proof - Standup Strategies for Bullied Children
Children who are bullied do not have to accept it. It is not a normal part of growing up. Upon completion of this seminar, parents will have the tools necessary to train their children in bully response techniques. Internet resources and action steps will also be explored, as parents are informed of constructive ways to respond to and prevent school bullying.

LDR 107 (d) -
Bully Proof - Cyber Bullying: Keeping Your Child Safe
Cyber bullying is the use of a computer, cell phone, or another electronic device to harass, intimidate, or hurt someone. Like other forms of bullying, it can cause extreme distress. Parents will learn about the various forms of cyberbullying and the serious consequences that stem from this dangerous form of harassment. Upon completion of the seminar, parents will be able to effectively monitor their children’s use of technology and protect them from victimization.

LDR 107 (e) -
Bully Proof - How to Become a Bully Proof Leader
To foster a climate of cooperation and awareness, parents must work together with students, teachers, and administrators to stop pervasive bullying on school campuses. During this seminar, parents will hear about programs throughout the country that are making a difference and become inspired to join in school and community efforts.

LDR 107 (f) -
Why Anti-Bullying?
This workshop will help you create a closer bond with your child as you gain an awareness of the cause and effects of Bullying. You will learn how to advocate for your child as well as promote positive safety changes. In addition, you will be able to connect behavior issues at home in order to promote positive behaviors.

LDR 109 -
Lunch and Learn Parent Workshop
The Lunch and Learn Parent Workshop series consists of three one-hour sessions facilitated at each selected school site by Children’s Resources, Inc. The workshops are held at lunch time for parents, and usually take place between 11:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m., depending on the school’s bell schedule. Each one-hour session covers an area of parenting to assist parents with homework support techniques, communication and discipline. Lunch and child care are provided at each session. Upon completion of the three sessions, parents receive certificates. 
Week One- Session One: The Active Parent
Week Two- Session Two: Cooperation and Communication
Week Three – Session Three: Responsibility and Discipline

LDR 110 -
Wellness of the Mind
Learn ways to relieve stress, inspire awareness and the importance of a healthy mind. In this safe and welcoming environment, you will have fun creating a wellness tool kit and feel free to talk about mental health.

– Classes in this section will help you take advantage of employment opportunities and learn the technological skills you need in the workplace and to help your child through school.

WRK 101 -
Resume Building Sessions
Learn how to create a professional resume that will get you noticed as a potential candidate. In this step by step process you will leave with a complete understanding of the Do's and Don'ts of creating a resume.

WRK 102 -
Cover Letter & Reference Page
Learn what to include in your cover letter including salutation, the first paragraph, the body paragraph and the final paragraph. You will also learn to end with a respectful closing statement. Before you begin the job hunt, it's helpful to gather your references into a Professional Reference Page. You'll learn how to do this as well.

WRK103 -
Career interest inventory and job search
Improve the life of your family by improving your career! Come and take a look at which careers might be really good for you based on your interests and talents. In this session, we will guide you in filling out an online career interest inventory. This inventory will pair your interests and talents with careers that match. Then we will help you do a job search in your area of interest.

WRK104 -
Preparing for an Interview
The job interview is a very important part of the job search process. A good job interview can be the key to getting the job. In this class, you will learn tips and tricks for a good job interview. You will also get a chance to practice interviewing in front of others. A key to a good job interview is practice!

TECH101 -
Computer Basics
An Introduction to computer where students will learn the difference between Hardware, Software, and the keyboard functions.

TECH 102 -
What the Google System Has to Offer
Students will learn: How to create a Gmail Account. Go over the benefits of having a Gmail account. Provide tips on how to create safe usernames and passwords. They will be taught how to create Google Docs, how to send emails with attachments, images, pictures, videos, and links. How to use Google Maps. (Note: Teachers prefer communication through email.)

TECH 103 -
Navigating the Web - Learn how to use this powerful resource!
Students will learn: How to search the web, how to correctly look up websites and navigate through them safely. It will provide participants with useful knowledge, such as, how to connect to WiFi and how they can access it for free. They will review what's been taught throughout all the technology classes.

TECH 104 -
Learn to Type and use the Keyboard Correctly
Students will learn: How to properly set both hands on the keyboard and have a better understanding of how to type with both hands, they will receive useful websites to practice from home, along with a list of typing commands.

TECH 105 -
Cell Phone Applications- Your Cell Phone is an Amazing Computer!
Students will learn: How to download applications onto their phone. They will also learn about applications they may download for daily use. The class will cover how they could pay bills from their phones, check email, etc.

TECH 106 -
Creating a SBCUSD AERIES Parent Portal Account
Learn how to use the Aeries system to keep informed about your child’s grades and attendance. In this session, you will also set up your Aeries account. This knowledge will help you support your child on their educational journey.

TECH 107 -
Microsoft Word
Students will learn how to work with sections in documents, tables and use simple graphs to present documents to their best advantage. This knowledge will allow the student to customize toolbars, import and insert graphs, improve document presentation layout, organize and maintain text.

TECH108 -
Microsoft Excel
The student will learn to create a variety of templates, columns, sort options and filter information as well as work with multiple worksheets. This knowledge will allow the student to understand how to import and insert graphs and use the basic capabilities of Excel.

TECH 109 -
Microsoft Powerpoint & Google Slides
The main objective of this course is to teach students how to prepare a slide master, work with design templates, sections, format pictures, graphics and auto shapes on a MS Powerpoint. The student will be able to control the look of the presentation and create uniformity in slide shows, work with design templates that best represents their work and use pictures and graphics to advance effectiveness.

TECH110 -
Composing and responding to emails
The student will learn the components of web addresses, how to search, assess search results, downloading and the convention of web designs. Student will understand how to forward and cc email and how to add attachment to email. The student will learn the principles of behavior that one should use when writing or answering email messages and understand the difference in writing to a friends, relative, customer, and/or a supervisor.

TECH 111 -
Social Networking
Students will understand the basic use of internet-based social media applications (Facebook, Instagram etc.) to make connections with friends and family. While learning the benefits and safety precautions

– Classes in this section cover a variety of additional programs and services.

Financial Aid - FAFSA Support
In this session you will learn what financial aid is, how to get your FSID number, and have an opportunity to start your FAFSA application online.

Loma Linda Family Development Classes (La Escuelita)
Loma Linda runs a variety of family development classes for families in our district. Come and learn from the leading experts in our area on a variety of topics that will support the healthy development of your family.

Community Plaza: Complete your elementary, middle, high school school, or college degree
These classes are offered for Spanish speakers. Through these classes the students can get their certificates and diplomas from the Mexican school system. For more information please contact the location nearest you.

Citizenship Classes: Prepare to become a U.S. Citizen
Plaza Comunitaria is a program that offers a great opportunity for adults who have immigrated from Spanish-Speaking countries to finish or begin their elementary and secondary education in Spanish. Plaza Comunitaria is sponsored by INEA (Instituto Nacional de Educaciόn para Adultos/National Institute of Adult Education). These classes are offered for individuals who would like to become U.S. citizens. There are several partner organizations that offer these services. Please visit the links below to get more information. Feel free to call our partners to get the most up to date information.

GED Support Classes
These classes are offered for individuals who would like to get their GED. Please visit the links below to get more information. Feel free to call the ICEC to get the most up to date information.

Classes are open to: All SBCUSD adult family members; School and district staff looking to learn and replicate classes at their school sites; Community partners who wish to learn how to pass on the information through their own programmatic efforts



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