Taking Control

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    Taking Control
    Teaching your child to take control of their education has many benefits and increases the odds that your child will be more successful and more responsible. Starting before kindergarten and continuing through high school and into college or career training, your child should spend more and more of their own time pursuing their academic and career goals. Doing this will:

    Create more college and career opportunities
    Increase the chances for college admissions and scholarships
    Increase your child’s level of responsibility
    Increase your child’s level of independence
    Make changing their major or career path easier

    Measuring how much control your child is taking over their education is easy: Simply count the number of minutes or hours each week your child is spending on activities above and beyond what their teachers require or expect.

    Teachers may be able to provide some guidance, but to get the full benefit, students should do as much of this work on their own as possible. After all, the whole point is to take control.

    The amount of time students should spend each week really depends on the student and their goals, but here are some suggested minimums per week:

    15+ minutes
    Grades 1-3: 30+ minutes
    Grades 4-5: 1+ hour
    Grades 6-8: 1.5+ hours
    Grades 9-12: 2+ hours

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