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Mr. Washburn

Welcome Students and Parents.

Before a young person ever becomes a student in a classroom, he or she is first a member of a family. Families are an imperative part of our rewarding work with our students in achieving their goals and success. Traditional or non-traditional, biological, foster, or adoptive, families provide fundamental support to students with learning difficulties throughout their lives as well as through transition. In teaching and provide support for our students, it is essential that we work together with our families and with all other supportive staff. We do this through participating as a member of the IEP Team in decisions regarding placement and in the development of an individualized education program for our students. These supports may include but not limit to accommodations or modifications of the curriculum, assessment information, as well as social and behavioral recommendations. As part of the inclusion team, we provide core teachers effective strategies for accessing and progressing in the student’s core classes. These inclusion teams are made up of both academic education specialist and core instruction teachers. As a team, we assess and monitor our student’s progress on a regular basis using informal and formal assessment tools. We Analyze data when revising IEP’s to provide accurate present level of performance. We also provide practical support to grade level and department teams for student success. As a Level II Mild to Moderate Education Specialist, I collaborate with parents, school administrators, school psychologist, testing specialist, social workers, and professionals to develop individualized education plans specifically designed to promote students’ educational, physical, and social needs. Thank you for visiting my web site.   

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