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Mrs. Allo's 6th Grade ELA & SS Class
Mrs. Jennifer Allo

777 N. F St.
San Bernardino, CA  92410

Ph: (909) 880-6666 ex. 316 302
Fx: (909) 880-6672

7:20 a.m. - 2:20 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Dear Family,

Welcome! I hope each and every one of you took some time for fun and relaxation while off. As the 2012-2013 school year begins we embark on new adventures and plan for some terrific experiences.  Middle School was my favorite time in school, and in some ways that is why I choose to experience it over and over again each year. I know that each member of our class will have a super year with hard work, determination, and a great attitude.

Your student will have a different teacher for Math & Science- Mrs. Goolsby, someone else for UA, Tutorial, Elective and PE, and they will have me for Reading/Language Arts, and Social Studies.  We are all devoted teachers and together, we hope to make this a rewarding year for you and your student. 

My specialties include music, art, and drama. 

Often, homework will reflect my interests.

Students are expected to complete all assignments on time and to the best of their ability. Sixth grade policy states that students will have the same number of days that they are absent to complete missed work.  That is, if you call the office to report their absence, on the day of the absence, and bring a note within 5 days of returning. Other than that, NO LATE WORK is accepted.  Please note that your student will keep a portfolio of most of the graded work that they turn in for credit. If ever you would like to browse through their portfolio, please don’t hesitate to call the school at: (909) 880-6666… to set up a conference with the school secretary.  See Homework Policy Handout (attached.)

California State Standards are implemented in every activity performed by your child. For more information on the Sixth grade Standards visit: , then click on: "6th grade Content Standards."

Finally, I would like to get to know your child better from your perspective since you know them best. Please take a moment this week to write a short letter about your child. What are your child’s strengths and weaknesses? How do they interact with others? What is their role in your family? (Oldest, youngest, responsibilities, etc...) What would you like them to accomplish this year? Tell a short story about something they did. What do I need to know to best meet your child’s needs in school?
This is a parent homework assignment… Show your kids how it’s done! ]   

Please Note:

If ever your student says that they have NO homework please have them silent read in a reading level appropriate chapter book for 30 minutesOur goal is to individually read 1 Million words this year!  AR Book Finder  Use this to check the Book Level and Point Value of books you are interested in reading.  Enjoy!

You can also have them access standards based literature and assessments on:

Name: LastName, FirstInitial, 1st 3 numbers in student ID#

Password: Student ID # 


i.e. Name: AlloJ124

      Password: 123456

English & Language Arts and Social Studies Pacing Guide

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