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Ms. Bruder
Shandin Hills Middle School Physical Education 2011-2012
The Physical Education Department at Shandin Hills Middle School offers a balanced program that incorporates California State Standards for physical education with life long health and fitness. Classes will explore and improve skill levels through daily activities and games that enhance social skills, emotional development, and physical strength. - SHMS Physical Education

General Information and Rules
Ms. Bruder
Physical Education Teacher

4301 Little Mountain Dr.
San Bernardino, CA  92407

Ph: (909) 880-6666
Fx: (909) 880-6672

Monday - Friday
Conference Time
  1. P.E. Uniforms are available year round, through the school office. The price list for the P.E. Uniforms is available through the school office as well.  The school accepts payment in the form of cash or money orders only, no personal checks.
  2. Students unable to purchase uniforms are to talk personally with their PE teacher about obtaining a set of PE clothes.
  3. Rubber soled shoes with socks are the only acceptable footwear in PE.  Toes should be covered and shoes should be fully secured to the feet.  Students may store an old pair of shoes to use for PE in their locker.
  4. Students are expected to dress for class every day.  Loaners are available for those students who have forgotten their PE clothes for the day.
  5. Students unable to participate in PE due to illness/injury must bring a written note from a doctor or parent.  A parent note is acceptable for up to three days of excused PE.  Longer excuses will require a note from a doctor.
  6. All students are expected to participate to the best of their ability.
  7. Make up work for absences are available, and may include a writing assignment or PE activity assigned by the teacher.
  8. Students must clear out their locker and return their lock to their PE teacher when checking out of school or changing their schedule to Cadet Corps.  The PE department is not responsible for a students PE clothes and/or other belongings once the student has dropped PE from their schedule.

Locker Room Rules and Policies

Students will be issued a personal lock and locker and are responsible for returning the lock and locker in good condition at the end of the school year.  Students will be trained how to open and close their locks properly.  The following rules apply to locker room procedures:

  1. Only use the lock and locker assigned, sharing of lockers is not allowed.
  2. All locks are to be securely locked.  Lost or stolen items are the responsibility of the student, not the school or PE department.
  3. Notebooks/Valuables are not to be stored in the lockers during lunch or overnight.
  4. Students are to keep the lockers/locks in good condition and clean.
  5. Lockers are the property of the school and are subject to search.
  6. Students are not allowed in the locker room unless a teacher is present.  The locker room is closed during all three lunches.
  7. Students are expected to take their clothes home for regular cleaning at least once a week.

The locker room is for changing only.  Absolutely no loitering in the locker room is allowed at any time.  In order to maintain an orderly environment the following rules apply:

  1. No fighting, running, or throwing of any objects.  No horseplay.
  2. No screaming, yelling, or whistling.
  3. No graffiti or defacing school property
  4. No sharing locks or lockers, do not give anyone your locker combination for any reason.
  5. Students may not change in restrooms unless directed to do so by the teacher.
  6. No food, gum, candy, sodas, and other food items are permitted in the locker room at any time.
  7. Students may not enter the PE offices without the teacher’s permission.
  8. Students are to use good judgment when participating in activities.  Excessive force and endangerment of other students is not allowed.
  9. Students are to follow all rules told to them by their teachers.
  10.  Put downs and/or bullying is not allowed

Failure to abide by any of the physical education rules will result in the following:
1st offense – Verbal counseling – review of expectation
2nd offense- In-class intervention – solving the problem and acting appropriately
3rd offense- In-class detention – separation from peers – parent contact
4th offense- Lunch or Afterschool detention – parent contact
5th offense- Referral to Office/student sent to OCS with class work – set up meeting with parent
All Major Offenses will result in immediate referral to office.

Inclement Weather Procedures
Although students are required to dress-out everyday, sometimes the weather does not permit outdoor activity.  On rainy days or days of excessive heat or wind, students will dress-out, sign-in on their respective teacher’s attendance sheet or stand for attendance on roll call numbers (weather permitting), then gather and sit quietly in the lower cafeteria area for the presentation of a sport or physical education related video.  All videos are sport related and are rated PG or G.  Students will sit silently during the video presentation and return to the locker room at the end of the period in order to dress and get ready for their next class.  Students may also be asked to participate in an indoor physical activity such as, Sit Down Volleyball or Fitness Activities during inclement weather.  The same attendance and dress procedures apply to these activities.

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